About - carloshphotos

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by to check out my work.  Through these images I hope you see I believe the magic happens when there is a true and real collaboration between people. 

Like a great story I believe the audience should be as engaged as possible. I feel that memorable photography alone does not  happen with random clicks, but rather the connection made during any given shoot becomes an extension of trust between photographer and subject.

Though the camera is my basic tool, I rely on other intangible elements like mood, lighting, geometry, composition, depth, balance to create my art. 

Timing as well has a large part to do with capturing memorable photography, and I believe some of the warmest moments happen when  we forget the camera is there and when we start having moments of play.

I grew up near downtown Los Angeles, and  I attended USC where I received a B.Arch. It was during this time that I was able to take some formal photography classes.  I became enamored with the possibilities of art and what I could create through photography.

Fast forwarding, I've continued my journey through much self study on this medium.  I've tried several genres including street photography, portraiture, landscapes, events, sports, and weddings.  My focus of Architectural Exteriors/Interiors has been enriched by study in these other mediums.  As i am able to work not just in documenting the sculptural elements of Architecture but also finding balance in how people interact within those environments. 

I've realized a  pattern that is essential - and that is to keep going back to certain fundamental basics. My goal is not to repeat shoots and become formulaic, but rather in reverting to fundamentals i see every new photographic situation lending itself to Creative potential. 

While there are many gadgets one plays with in this field, photography is certainly lost without emotion. There is also a great mystery with both the creation and reading of images, that is a fascinating dynamic that drives me.